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So I finally buckled and made a deviantArt for my cosplay collection. I've been cosplaying sporadically since 2009. I've got a lot of interests all over the board so I need to find a way to showcase them. People seem to want to pick my brain on cosplay props and armor making techniques because I've managed to learn many different ways to make things. But I want to learn more techniques and grow as an artist.

Sadly my budgets for these endeavors have been very very small and it really shows with my outdated equipment, uniquely low costs, and creating many things from scratch or scraps.

So this is where I can really shine and show others because when they go "I've got $5 and I wanna cosplay" I can say "Let's do this!" instead of shunning their dreams. :)

I've taken commissions before but mainly I just make things because I enjoy the creation process and the outcome of making someone happy.

Thank you for your time and do please follow me along this journey I would enjoy the company.


  • Listening to: Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
  • Reading: Vagabond / Log Horizon light novel.
  • Watching: Space Dandy, Log Horizon, Kill la Kill, UGH so muc
  • Playing: League of Legends <-- this darn game.
  • Eating: Consumables
  • Drinking: Consumables
I keep saying to myself "I'm gonna really start tracking my Cosplay" but in the end I find myself counting blue cars (dude 90's were nuts)...

So since February of last year (garsh I suck at this):

  • I have completed my Zed armor *YAY* I set a goal and completed it and archived it (the last part is the part I keep flopping on).
  • I have managed to almost double my income from said Job still contracting online and being a paid member of society. Completed my first full year of "self-employment" and it's pretty cool thing but I still have a lot to grow into to really be a rock-star.
  • Went through some wonk medical problem's that the doctors couldn't find anything so there's a fast grande down the drain (or more).
  • Played too much League, Warframe, Ragnarok 2, and Skyrim... Seriously guys I'm gonna see how far I get in ranked this year because I've no idea how good/bad I am. ALSO SMITE IS 3d LEAGUE...
  • Went to a bunch of cons and didn't take much pictures of others or get many of myself (including those listed in previous journal and probably a handful more) *THIS IS WHAT I MEAN* I need to get myself on film and also take more pictures of my friends and cool stuff I see. =.=;
Oh and the one thing I didn't catch on film I should have was my 9 foot of pink SheZow cosplay I did, that ones coming back though because it's too hilarious and all kinds of baaaaaad (not the cosplay bad, but just, google SheZow and imagine Fedora's on steroids)

Aight so let's just toss the shovel onto that year and call it a close :)

To start this year I'd like to again thank all the people who watch my infrequent and very un-captured work, seriously I love the accolades which help in the doldrums and down times, and I love to see what kind of people like my stuff. There are tons of unique people I've met this way and I wanna keep that up.

This year will be about "learning to catch my stuff on film" from streaming my games ( Twitch!) and continuing to try out new techniques related to cosplay (that is when this 90 feet of snow clears because material hunting is nigh impossible)

I'll be looking to travel more this summer and see places I've never been as long as I can continue to whoop booty at work.

My next convention is Katsucon where I will be debuting my Shiroe from Log Horizon cosplay. I'll primarily be wearing that and my second time running around as Zuko (first time at Ohayocon). Hopefully I can get the liquid latex or plastic bandaids to make the burns a bit more, not just eyeliner?

Also I will find a way to cosplay Space Dandy and Rin Matsuoka after Katsu... This cosplayer needs MOAR pompadour!

So thanks again for your time and for reading this, leave a comment making fun of my terrible grammar, my inability to use commas, the way I rant, if you think I should cosplay something, or should try some weird cosplay medium, I can't cut wigs or end sentences properly.


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Yeah things just got a bit too demanding / distracting for dA management, I dropped the ball on that one and picked up Halo 4, a tekkit mod for minecraft and oh right, a job :D so I'll probably write up a note and start redirecting my cosplay plans and getting more involved in that shortly.
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Niiice! Getting dat incommeee. What's the job if you don't mind me asking? Minecraft is fun (unlike Halo >:O lololol) but I don't like playing it for long spans of time (not like L4D or Soulcalibur). I just got that Playstation All-Stars game so I'll probably start playing that one for long spans too.
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